What Is Home?

Reality is the Illuminated River that flows invisibly from my own being. Only my heart can express it and I bask in joy when I flow with it. In this giving of self I find all that I require; I show all that is true.

Nevertheless, I’ve been known to stall at imagined crossroads unable to believe in this Goodness of which I am made. I become lost in my outer attentiveness. Am I really alone in a space made from separation? Have I really lost my internal grace?

There are many threads of feelings that move me from myself. They are absorbing in their certainty. I am no longer mistress of my own wanting as I part from myself willingly to engage with a world that is merely an enthrallment of my mind. I wonder why I go there for I am not happy doing so. It is odd to not be in good company with myself. It is as if I have come to be the owned thing of a life that possesses me and not a life I possess. This causes my unhappiness.

Surprisingly, my unhappiness is a great and wonderful gift. I have learned to look to it for guidance. It is its feeling-tone of discontentment that reminds me to look for the well-being I am. I merely dream a separated world. Insubstantial is the world I react to for I am made of the unending Light That Is. When I defy deception, my innerness shows forth the Stillness that is my home and my self.

My home is made of the Stars of True Knowledge sparkling in a sky of infinite magnitude. My home is shown forth by the Song I sing. My home is Life―silent, invisible, and indivisible. My home is what I never leave, even as I dream.

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