A Very Warm Blanket

Look, it is snowing. How soft and quiet the day becomes as the whiteness covers the world in a warmth that belies the cold I have been told it brings.

Oh, how I love this truer vision of things. The joy in my life had become lost to me as I grew inattentive to my inner knowing.

And now, the snow without uttering a word, is erasing the visibility of the trees and the presence of the people around them. As I watch, I know the trees love this moment. They are embraced in the Silence they and I look forward to each year―the sound of our eternalness.

The dormant leaves deep within the frozen limbs are rejoicing at this moment, too. They wait within their steady breath for the call to awaken from slumber. They are gathering strength even as they remain curled and nestled in invisibility.

That which will be the future has begun its life from within the depths of nothingness where all true things find origin. Just as I, in each moment that reveals itself, find myself being born to come forth and reveal the divine splendor within my humanness. I rejoice in being aware that I am this good thing.

Oh, it is so nice this time of year, to sit and contemplate a world that is wonderful. I write it down to relive it the rest of the year. It is well I have this truer vision to go to.

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