A Brand New Day

Good morning, my Today! Yesterday has walked away and left no trace of itself―free am I to call my world new.

In this present moment, my wellspring of life-giving water will not run dry for it draws from an Infinite depth. A glorious sun shines for me in a Limitless sky. My plain woven basket overflows with Fulfillment and my human heart pulses with Wonder.

A dreaming world is made fresh and innocent.

There is a life within me that becomes evident to me when I write like this. My outer mind disappears, my inner room becomes a rosy haze of reassuring warmth as the invisible truth makes its appearance to show me what cannot be known by judgment. I am fresh, entirely clear of past, uncompromised by future. I can move out into my world because something from me is creating for me.

I have become able to listen and hear my inner voice, not someone else’s voice. In this manner is my human world blessed and supported. I am not made from what the world believes and thinks. There is a greater life from whence I come and I give quiet attention to its new Moment that was never lived before.

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