The Silent Tread

Beyond the clatter of my human steps I can hear the silent tread. It is silent because it is made of All and Everything. I can hear it because it is mine.

There is kindness in the room where I sit. And I sit like this to write about this kindness that is from my Light. I am the recipient of the immensity that becomes the ever new in me. It holds unwoven all that I have still to show, so I trust what is not here yet.

It is plainly understood by me that the one Breath contains my worlds. I am the Moon’s Beloved in the inner landscape I gaze upon when I close my eyes. This inner world of Beauty is mine alone and yet not for me alone for this gaze inward enhances my outer world’s possibilities: There are diamonds growing in my turnip patch. When I take the quiet path within myself, I see them both.

What I think are thoughts are in truth gentle energies; I have power. I take this power now and make the keys on this keyboard speak of the kindness my heart knows. I don’t doubt you want to see the diamonds nestling in among your turnips, too.

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