I have a new site for my paintings:   www.nyvisibles.com
My companions in my creativity, since early childhood, have been those miraculous earth pigments found in little metal tubes I mix with water.  So deep in color, so much more opaque than watercolor (and so much more forgiving and patient), gouache is the One with the velvet beauty that can tell my picture stories best of all…

…for my art, is a picture story. I try to show the Joy that lives behind the ordinary in this funny world of ours. I paint what is another understanding of the familiar.  Arlene Graston -Hand in HandI know many of you perceive it too.

I make all my paintings by hand, using a small #0 or #1 brush on Strathmore 500 Series acid-free bristol.  Each painting takes a different amount of time to complete, generally several weeks of careful application. It is a slow and long process, but there comes a time when the image takes on a life of its own, telling me who it wants to be. Having started with a spark of an idea I permit myself to be “led.”  I find serendipity is my friend as “happy accidents” show me something I had not considered. You see?  It is a magical Universe.