There’s ever only one of an original.  Therefore, the need to reproduce art has brought forth, with each new age a new technology.  I find myself in a time that can faithfully, and carefully, reproduce my intricate and complex artwork allowing many many people to afford an image they love and want to live with.

arlene graston - mother moonThe Fine Art Prints of my work are what are called Giclées, a word derived from the French verb, gicler, to squirt.  My friends at Gamma One Conversions, here in New York City, begin the process by making a high-resolution digital scan of my original.  Then they use a high-tech computer printer to create individual impressions on top quality paper using archival inks. The accuracy of the colors that come from this process always stuns me.  My work has never been so well served.

Each print is a limited edition, individually numbered and signed by me.  These are works I am very proud to put my name to. Art is such a necessary part of life; our imagination needs nurturing. Transcendent art, has special gifts and powers to impart.  With these prints I feel I’ve brought Science and Poetry together for the celebration of Life!